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Libertà per la Fiom


Italy: Demand freedom of association at Fiat

Fiat, the biggest transnational company based in Italy, has excluded Fiom-Cgil, the largest Italian metalworkers union, from the whole group (80.000 employees) because this union did not sign an agreement which worsened working conditions, violated workers' rights (including the right to strike); and cancelled all the existing company-level agreements and the national metalworkers agreement.
Starting on 1 January 2012, workers will no longer be allowed to register their membership in their workplaces, because the company refuses to check off their fees to Fiom (worth 1.5 million Euros). They are also not allowed to elect their representatives. Fiom members are discriminated against and in some cases pushed to resign in order to keep their jobs.
Fiat workers have been and will be striking and demonstrating for their rights and for freedom of association: they ask for national and international support and solidarity.

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