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Ukraine's black saturday


Ukraine is in shock. Shocked by its President. Shocked by the de facto rejection of European integration. Shocked by the brutal suppression of a peaceful protest. Shocked by the opposition finding itself impotent, unable either to suggest or realise any plan of action.


In one awful night, the prospect of European integration has been relegated to a long-term dream; and presidential disintegration has been promoted to a short-term reality.


Tough talking


Since 2007, Ukraine has been engaged in a process of preparing an Association Agreement with the EU. The active phase of negotiations took place over the last three years. These were a tough process: Ukrainian negotiators argued out every point in order to defend the country’s interests, but real progress was made, and in 2012, the text of the Agreement was initialled; all that remained was to pass a few laws in parliament and to sign the agreement in Vilnius.

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