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Bernard Maris, the fury of capitalism and the fury of terrorism



Have we been reduced to the 'clash of civilizations' where, in the name of security, a state of emergency forces all to close ranks in a staged, imaginary conflict where all possibility of dissent is erased? In memoriam.


Bernard Maris, an economist at the Bank of France, was at the meeting of editors of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015 in Paris. He, too, died under the bullets of the killers - Oncle Bernard, author of a column in the satirical magazine, in which he explained the mysteries of finance.


He was not a cartoonist, but he shared with Charb (the director), Wolinski (the best known cartoonist) and the other victims an impatience for mainstream ideas and an antipathy for power. He was an old-style French intellectual, a scholar of Keynes and a public figure. He had been active in Attac France and was now a friend of Michel Houellebecq, the writer whose new controversial novel ‘Submission’ imagines a Muslim president for France. A frequent guest on radio France Inter, he clashed regularly with journalists of the French business newspaper. His books include the two volumes of “Economics, an Antimanual ” (Éditions Bréal, 2003, 2008), demolishing free market dogmas.


In what kind of convulsion of history do Islamic extremists at war with western power manage to kill one of the voices who denounced it? Which cognitive dissonance - even more than ideological blindness - prevents them from understanding the internal conflicts of capitalism?


Obviously, for those who want to erase freedom of expression, there are no differences that matter between western 'infidels'. Likewise, for the new European fascism, all Muslim citizens and immigrants are potential terrorists.

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