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Lux-Leaks whistleblower should not be charged!


Dear colleagues and friends,
Today several European media published a call in support of Antoine Deltour. The frenchman and tax expert Deltour is the whistleblower whom we all deserve the LuxLeaks scandal.

Only thanks to his sense of responsibility we know now exactly how the tax planning schemes of E.ON, Disney, Skype and many others work. He has never searched for personal financial gain with his whistleblowing. Nevertheless, he has now lost his new job and is being prosecuted by the judiciary of Luxembourg. The least we can all expect from the state of Luxembourg is to end this lawsuit!

Our call from civil society and politics: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/dec/23/luxleaks-tax-source-should-not-be-charged

In addition to our call French NGOs have set up a website in support of Antoine: https://support-antoine.org/en/

For me LuxLeaks is for me a stroke of luck in order to put even more pressure for a real European tax policy. Therefore, it is even more our our duty to support the whistleblower Antoine Deltour.

In co-operation

Sven Giegold

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