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Enough with the European leaps of faith!


Kierkegaard, in his attempt to delineate the ‘leap of faith’, alludes to the biblical passage in which Abraham is about to sacrifice his son Isaac. This surrender to the divine will of ‘fear and trembling’ evokes the character of an altogether unfathomable act of faith: the ‘credo quia absurdum’.


It is a credo that seems to be working all too well if one ventures to grasp the way in which European leaders advance in the making of Europe. In fact, these leaders give the impression of advancing by leaps into the dark, piously hoping to eventually end up somewhere, as if ultimately the domain of political action emanated out of some kind of magical awareness, unfettered by any principle of reality and devoid of any arguments.


The European Union was conceived as a project of peace, prosperity and freedom from restraint. Yet, once this European dynamic was triggered, the European political class contented itself with minor adjustments without ever meditating on the nature of their cooperation and the purpose of the European Union in a changing world.

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