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Stati Uniti, arrivano i guardiani civili del bailout


What Don't We Know About the Bailout?

Any credible solution to today's economic crisis must address one of the crisis' fundamental causes - corruption and other abuses of power sustained by secrecy. While there are many different views on the causes of and remedies for the current turmoil in financial markets, there is broad agreement citizens deserve vigorous, timely, and accessible disclosure of all details surrounding any government decisions in response to financial market problems.

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This website is to track and analyze the federal government's massive bailout of financial institutions and other businesses deemed “too big to fail.” Follow the latest news, analysis, federal reports, and other useful resources, and find out what will make tomorrow’s headlines.

Dean Baker, from the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Anthony Gregory, from Campaign for Liberty kick off our Expert Exchange with a look at the Federal Reserve’s policies on public disclosure.


This site expands OpenTheGovernmnt.org's bailout transparency clearinghouse, a website section recognized as an excellent source for bailout-related information.


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