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For a different Europe


Il 5 e 6 maggio il Corporate Europe Observatory e il Transnational Institute hanno organizzato una conferenza per contestare le politiche di austerità e costruire un'alternativa. Per un'Europa diversa.


Questa la dichiarazione finale:

The Austerity Treaty – or the so called Fiscal Compact – if implemented, would pose a direct threat to the welfare state across Europe and be a major obstacle to redistributive, progressive and socially just economic policies in the future. It also represents the latest attempt to turn economic policy into a technocratic endeavour outside of democratic control, with unelected bureaucrats in a powerful, decision making role. It will impose even stronger budget austerity than the existing rules, through a permanent regime that will inevitably lead to cuts so deep that it can make the European welfare state history.

There is only one acceptable response: It must be stopped! We pledge full support to the campaign in Ireland in the run-up to the referendum on the 31st of May to say No to the Compact, and will do everything in our power to support the Irish who are facing threats and intimidation from European governments or the EU institutions. At the same time we will continue to support the many growing movements in Europe, including trade unions and new youth movements, who are resisting the crisis policies of the EU and of EU governments.


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