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New deal europeo, ecco l'EuroMemorandum


Dear colleague,
with this letter we ask you to support the attached EuroMemorandum 2008/09 entitled:
"Democratic transformation of European finance, a full employment regime, and ecological restructoring - Alternatives to finance-driven capitalism".
The text was formulated on the basis of the discussions at the 14th workshop of the EuroMemorandum Group in late September 2008 in Brussels in which about 50 economists and other social scientists from 15 member countries participated. It is to a large part dedicated to the analysis of the current financial crisis. Although originated in the USA, this crisis could only affect to such a large extent also European institutions because these were themselves deeply involved in the global game of speculation, and the European policies facilitated such involvement. At the same time as the financial crisis seems to be culminating a severe recession is building up in the EU which will be exacerbated by the financial turbulence but has basically home made roots. These are the very restrictive monetary and fiscal policies of the EU, the drive for further deregulation of labour markets and an income distribution which puts a brake on private consumption. To counter these developments we propose a democratic transformation of finance and a large macroeconomic investments and public employment programme.
As for previous memoranda we will collect signatures of support for the present text from European economists and we would appreciate if you add your name to the list of supporters. Support relates to the general thrust and main direction of arguments and proposals, not necessarily to every detail of formulation. We would also appreciate if you forward the text to other economists who in your view might be interested in reading and perhaps in supporting it (including e-mail lists). At the beginning of December (before the summit of the European Council) we will publish the EuroMemorandum 2008/09 in several capitals of the EU. It will then be made available in eight languages on our website ( www.memo-europe.uni-bremen.de).
If you agree to support the EuroMemorandum 2008/09, we need your signature until December 8th 2008. You can send it by fax or by e-mail. If you want to use e-mail, you should first click on the "reply" key (not "reply to all" key!), then fill out the declaration below (indicating with an "X" whether you support the EuroMemorandum 2008/09, add your name and your co-ordinates, and then send it back to Jacqueline Runje. If you prefer to send a fax, please use the attached form or the last page of the text and send it to the fax no. (0)231-755-4788.

Click to download the EuroMemorandum 2008/2009

Declaration of support
I support the general direction, main arguments and proposals in the EuroMemorandum 2008/09:
"Democratic transformation of European finance, a full employment regime, and ecological restructoring - Alternatives to finance-driven capitalism".
Yes: No:
I would like to be informed about the regular work of the working group and be invited to their meetings.
Yes: No:
Please return this form as soon as possible - no later than 8th December 2008 - either by e-mail to Jacqueline Runje: Jacqueline.Runje@uni-dortmund.de (via the reply key) or by fax to: (0)231-755-4788.


We want to thank you very much for your co-operation and support, which should contribute to a greater public perception of alternatives to the present counter-productive economic policy course.

Best regards

On behalf of the steering committee
Trevor Evans, Marica Frangakis, Jörg Huffschmid, Diana Wehlau and Jacqueline Runje