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Economisti per la piena occupazione


we are...

a group of economists working towards building a global informal network of academics, policy advisors, institutions, advocates and members of government, committed to the realization of the right to a job. We believe that job creation is a strong and contributing factor to a just, equitable and humane economic development path. We also believe that having access to decent work must become the highest economic and social priority; and that constraints of financial resources should not be an a priori justification for not fulfilling this responsibility.

Whether lack of employment opportunities is the result of insufficient demand, structural economic problems, or personal misfortune, we find it imperative to speak up about the plight of entire groups of citizens condemned to forced idleness and social exclusion. Furthermore, we consider that the primary responsibility for guaranteeing a job and steering the economy in a socially inclusive direction rests with the state.

we are committed to...

joining forces with all who foster public dialogue and seek to promote employment guarantee around the world. Together, we can provide coherent, viable policy alternatives that lead to inclusive and just outcomes for all. We aim to:

  • create an international virtual community of people and institutions
  • promote public dialogue fora and build towards a worldwide campaign that places job creation and employment guarantee policies at the top of the policy agenda
  • leverage and influence the policies and programs of development agencies and financial institutions for improved employment outcomes
  • build communities of learning and foster public awareness on existing country level experiences
  • engage in teaching and policy oriented research that explores development, poverty and macroeconomic issues linked to the design and implementation of the right to a job and full employment policies