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Institutions and Policies


If Institutions are so important, why do we talk so much about economic policies?" This excellent question is the subject of a Round Table of the First World Congress of Comparative Economics, to be held at the University of Rome 3, on 25-27 June 2015, with the participation of Josef C. BRADA (Arizona State), Michael KEREN (Jerusalem), D. Mario NUTI (Rome Sapienza), Chaired by Marcello SIGNORELLI (Perugia). The Round Table is scheduled on 26 June, 2.15-4pm, at the Department of Economics, Aula Magna, Via S. D'Amico 77, 00145 Rome (nearest Metro Station: Marconi).
Immediately afterwards (4.30-6.15pm) at the Congress there will be a session on my own contributions to Comparative Economics, organised by my friends Renzo Daviddi (EU) and Milica Uvalic (Perugia). Renzo will focus on Utopias, Milica on Participation, other friends will focus on: Saul Estrin (LSE) on Socialism, Jan Svejnar (Columbia) on Transition, and Bozidar Cerovic (Belgrade) on Integration (chaired by Saul Estrin). Most of my publications can be viewed and downloaded freely from my website.

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