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Obama e i paradisi fiscali: un buon inizio, ma si può fare di più



Citizens for Tax Justice in the US provides a high-quality platform for clear and concise analysis of topical tax issues. Their latest analysis, Obama’s Proposals to Address Offshore Tax Abuses Are a Good Start, but More Is Needed, is no exception.

In very concise summary: it starts by looking at a reform proposal in 2007 introduced by House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY,) then says:

"While Congressman Rangel’s proposal was weaker than the optimal reform (repealing deferral), President Obama’s proposal is even weaker than Rangel’s proposal."

The rest of the report explains, in CTJ's usual clear and straightforward style, what has been happening.

And, accompanying the report, is a very useful factsheet that punctures a number of myths that are regularly wheeled out when tax reform happens.