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Le disuguaglianze nel lavoro


Lo European Trade Union Institute segnala - con un seminario e una serie di rapporti - che in Europa le condizioni del lavorono sono nettamente peggiorate, favorendo le disuguaglianze sociali tra i lavoratori.

Working conditions are deteriorating in Europe, helping to reinforce social inequalities between workers, in particular in terms of health. Such is the conclusion drawn at the end of a two-day seminar staged in late March in Brussels by the ETUI. This event, originally intended for the research community, attracted a far wider audience of some 170 participants: proof that even at a time of economic crisis, the question of working conditions remains more than ever a major social issue.

Despite the fall in industrial employment over the past twenty years, physical risks (noise, vibrations, extreme temperatures, exposure to dust, etc.) are not decreasing, and still affect over 20 % of workers in Europe, according to the 2010 European working conditions survey.

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